Utilities at Skyline – (Only start to hook up services after you move in)

  • Electricity – Meter2Cash (0732567366), enquiries@meter2cashsolutions.com.au – (AGL is the Bulk Discount Electricity backend supplier – cannot be changed)
  • Hot Water – Origin (Must use Origin) – (132461)
  • Gas – Origin (Must use Origin) – (132461)
  • Body Corp Levy, Urban Utilities, Rates – (should auto setup with purchase of property – mailed to unit PO Box)
  • Foxtel is available if required – you setup
  • Netflix is available if required – you setup (once broadband is done)
  • NBN FTTB (Fibre to the Basement) now live at Skyline (Dec 2015) – Plans from all ISP’s – Yes, you will need a new modem/router – VDSL2 (like ADSL2+) – most ISP’s supply them
  • TPG FTTB (TPG’s own FTTB is also live separate to NBN) (Dec 2018)


  • (NBN FTTB – recommend Internode $50 a month – takes 1 week from order to delivery/Activation/up and running)
  • http://www.internode.on.net/residential/broadband/nbn
  • You cannot get a normal dial tone by itself anymore – recommend Boost 3G/4G $40 unlimited for a mobile phone – http://www.boost.com.au
  • or
  • Internode NodePhone/VOIP for $5/month including some calls – you pick the new number (or bring your own number) and plug your cordless phone into the broadband modem


NBN FTTB speeds are 12Mbit/1Mbit, 25Mbit/5Mbit, 50Mbit/20Mbit or 100Mbit/40Mbit – yes, the 100Mbit plan is full speed in every apartment.